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PIRNAR - state of art aluminum exterior doors for residential homes.
(made in Europe)
We bring a future became a reality at your home in Canada!

The strongest door construction engineered ever.

PIRNAR CarbonCore is the only patented carbon construction developed exclusively for entrance doors. Carbon fibers are extremely light, rigid and significantly stronger than steel, which is why they are used in state-of-the-art aircraft as well as the most prestigious PIRNAR front doors. There is no warping of the doors, be it in the scorching sun or in the coldest of winter. Because they seal better, there is no draft. Opening is completely effortless. PIRNAR CarbonCore is by far the strongest construction found in this class of entrance doors.

European burglar proof exterior doors are good choice for those who looking for high quality energy efficient break in resistant doors for residential home. 

GERDA Thermo Premium 75 steel door_LINZ

Burglar proof residential entry doors 

Burglary resistance class RC2 - RC4




According to statistics, more than a half of all burglaries to houses and apartments take place through entry doors. Intruders usually do not attempt to undertake any sophisticated methods to open your door, but we only facilitate their job having entry doors with single deadbolt very popular in Canada and USA. Conventional entry doors are not a barrier for intruders. They just kick in and demolish flimsy door construction letting to get inside within few seconds.
Therefore, with respect to our personal and our family's safety, as well as of our material property, it is a good idea to invest in a good, burglar-proof door. 

What specifically makes such a door really safe ?

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European burglar proof exterior doors


Design and configure European burglar proof steel and aluminum exterior doors and send quote request instantly

Our Products

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Our Products

Pirnar CarbonCore is the strongest and only patented carbon construction in the

Pirnar CarbonCore is the strongest and only patented carbon construction in the world, which we have developed exclusively for entrance doors.

European Security Steel Doors

Super secure steel doors for demanding customers looking for extraordinary burglar-proof doors.

ALUPLAST - European

uPVC Entry Doors

A wide range of versions lets you match the doors to any type of building and even the most extreme conditions...

Aluplast - European Tilt & Turn Windows / Patio Doors

Exclusive offer for Canadian market!

European PVC Tilt & Turn windows and patio doors.

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Recent projects

Recent projects

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